Vegan Mac & Cheese / Gluten Free

Updated: Jun 17

Who said eating GOOD can’t be GOOD?! There are so many diet fads out there floating around - so how do we know which one is best? Something that most don’t help you with is the mental preparation or approach to food. Eating right shouldn’t be dreadful or rocket science. All it takes is some knowledge on how to be more mindful with our choices. Simple and clean is all we need. And YES it is ok to indulge - but by being more mindful of our choices it all comes full circle. People have such a disconnection with food and sometimes just eat to eat or just eat whatever because they are in a hurry. Taking the time to prepare our food as well as slowing down while we eat helps us with conscience eating , allowing us to reconnect with our food and our minds. Being more aware of what we our nourishing our bodies with. Even taking the time to get some fresh air and shop at your local farmers market! You can learn so much by talking to the vendors about the food they grow & offer!

Enjoy this recipe for plant based Mac & cheese using chickpea noodles with sun dried tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms & asparagus paired with an amazing yummy salad of arugula, raspberries, avocado, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, almonds, pecans and a honey lime drizzle. • Super yummy, tastes like I’m indulging in a big bowl of comfort food!

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