What is the detox program?

We have come together with holistic healers and created a special whole food detox program to help you cleanse your mind + body and soul. During this program, you can look forward to a boost of energy, excess weight loss, reduced bloat, gut healing, focus during the day, a restful night, skin clarity and more. Enjoy yummy whole plant based foods and feel amazing! Time to hit that reset button and give you that kick start you need to live a healthier lifestyle. 

What you get : 

Level 1

3 Meals per day (breakfast, lunch + dinner), 

1 Detox juice per day, 1 pack of tea blend per day as well as  beauty snack bars, instruction guide and reusable cooler bag. 

Part 1 - Introduction (New to Detoxing)

Eliminates : Meat + Gluten + Refined sugar + Dairy + Chemicals + Toxins + GMOs

3 Day- $180

5 Day- $280

Level 2

3 Meals per day (breakfast, lunch + dinner), 

2 Detox juice per day, 1 pack of tea blend,  probiotic shots, instructional guide, beauty bars + Support throughout your detox + Carrier bag. 

Part 2 - Deep Cleanse (Experienced) 

Eliminates : Meat + Gluten + All sugar + Dairy + Chemicals + Caffeine + Alcohol +Toxins + GMOs

5 Day- $350

10 Day- $560

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