Meet Chef Dannika

Mom of 3, business owner, and soon-to-be author. 

 Once a private chef for celebrities in LA,  Dannika moved to the Central Coast with a specific goal in mind- to provide delicious plant based & paleo dishes at affordable prices. She is now the largest followed meal prep account on the Central Coast and is also writing a cookbook. As a single mom of 3 kids, she knows how busy life can get. When life is hectic, it can be hard to be healthy and live a positive lifestyle. She wants to help people through her cuisine and bring them a one of a kind experience every time they take a bite


WHy Sexy eats?

We aren’t your average meal prep company. At Sexy Eats, we believe that nutrition and taste is paramount. We offer a wide variety of high quality, gourmet, plant based & paleo options to our clients. We also do diet-specific prepping, diet consultations, & private events for your business, family, or friends. Client satisfaction is our first priority. We offer a new menu every week to make sure you always have options and that your taste buds never get bored.  Let us know how we can make your diet and life better today. Good Food = Good Mood.

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